Helldivers 2 was withdrawn from sale on Steam in 177 countries, Brazil decided to regulate the gaming industry, Gray Zone Warfare was bought 500 thousand times — we tell you what happened in the gaming industry over the weekend.

Helldivers 2

  • The network noticed that at the end of last week, Helldivers 2 stopped selling on Steam in 177 countries, including Belarus and Kazakhstan. This happened against the background of a scandal that broke out due to Sony's requirement to use a PlayStation Network account in the PC version of the game. Apparently, sales were stopped in those countries where the PlayStation Network is not available. Let's add that over the weekend, players actively drained the Helldivers 2 rating on Steam — in total, they left more than 250 thousand angry reviews. Some users reported that they were able to get a refund for the game, even though they spent many hours in it. Arrowhead Studio CEO Johan Pilestedt assured that the developers are on the side of the players and are trying to fix the situation.
  • Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has signed a law regulating the country's gaming industry. This law is primarily aimed at establishing a legal framework for gaming activities. In particular, the authorities agreed on what exactly should be considered video games and what is their difference from gambling, as well as which companies belong to gaming. In addition, the law provides for the introduction of tax incentives for Brazilian game developers.
  • Madfinger Games reported that sales of the Gray Zone Warfare extraction shooter exceeded 500,000 copies four days after the game's release. In addition, gamers bought 250 thousand copies of additional content.
  • Aggro Crab studio also shared the success. She said that soulslike about the hermit crab Another Crab's Treasure has sold over 150,000 copies. This does not include copies that Game Pass subscribers received for free.