Riot Games helped launch an educational technology center for children, Steam allowed adding free games and DLC to the library without automatic downloading, and scientists found that good managers come out of good players in Civilization — we tell you what happened in the gaming industry this weekend.

▪️The I CAN Foundation, with the support of Riot Games, has opened a free educational center for children in South Los Angeles. Companies want to teach schoolchildren the basics of programming, game design, graphic design, esports, etc. Riot Games has invested $2.25 million in the initiative.

▪️Valve has released a new feature for Steam. The Add to Library button has appeared on the pages of free games and DLC, which adds projects to the user’s library and does not start downloading them. Previously, such projects were downloaded automatically.

Activision Blizzard addressed the National Labor Relations Board of the USA. She stated that only those studio employees who work specifically on the Diablo series should vote for the creation of a trade union at Blizzard Albany. The company also released a list of Diablo IV testers.

A group of researchers asked 40 business students to play Civilization V, and then perform several exercises related to management. As it turned out, the better the students played Civilization, the easier the exercises were given to them.