Several games in the Fallout series have updated the online record on Steam, the court sided with Take-Two in the LeBron James tattoo case, Savvy Games Group decided to increase investments in mobile games, — we tell you what happened in the gaming industry over the weekend.

Fallout 3

  • After the release of the series from Amazon, Steam users began to play Fallout games with renewed vigor. On Sunday, April 21, there were a record number of simultaneous players in four titles at once. Fallout 2 (2,194 people), Fallout Tactics (243 people), Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition (11,471 people) and Fallout 76 (73,368 people) have updated their online record on Steam.
  • Take-Two Interactive has won a lawsuit against tattoo artist Jimmy Hayden, who accused the company of copyright infringement. According to Hayden, his tattoo design is illegally used in the NBA 2K series games — the developers, without permission, transferred tattoos to the games along with the image of basketball player LeBron James, on whose body they are stuffed. However, the court decided that Take-Two did not need to get permission from the tattoo artist. The company has a license to use James' image in games, which also includes recreating tattoos.
  • Savvy Games Group CEO Brian Ward said in an interview with Bloomberg that the Saudi company is going to invest more in mobile games. She was pushed to this decision by the success of MONOPOLY GO!, whose revenue recently exceeded $ 2 billion. Ward named the developer MONOPOLY GO! Scopely was the "spearhead" of Savvy Games Group's investment strategy, but did not share specific plans. Recall that Scopely has been part of the Savvy Games Group since April 2023.