Bungie won a lawsuit against cheat sellers for Destiny 2, Activision is being sued over a school shooting in the US, and rumors suggest 2K has obtained a license to develop games under the FIFA brand — here's what happened in the gaming industry over the weekend.

Destiny 2

  • A jury in the US has found Phoenix Digital guilty of copyright infringement against Bungie and ordered them to pay $63,210 in damages to the developers. Phoenix Digital owns the site AimJunkies, which sells cheats for Destiny 2. The dispute has been ongoing since 2021 and may continue for some time. Phoenix Digital founder David Schaefer announced plans to appeal the jury's decision.
  • Families of victims from the 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary School in the US have filed a lawsuit against Activision. The suit claims that Salvador Rolando Ramos, the shooter, became obsessed with firearms after playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He began intensely researching guns and purchased a DDM4 V7 carbine, featured on the game’s cover, just minutes after turning 18. The plaintiffs argue that Activision is now "the most popular and successful firearms dealer in the US." The lawsuit also targets gun manufacturer Daniel Defense and Meta* for promoting ads about the carbine on social media.
  • FIFA has found a new partner to develop soccer simulators under its brand, according to insider MohPlay. He claims that 2K will be responsible for the next FIFA game. According to MohPlay, the first 2K FIFA licensed game will be released by the end of this year and will be titled FIFA 2K25. Rumors about 2K taking over the FIFA series have been circulating for a long time, but there has been no official confirmation so far.

*Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia, and its activities are banned in the country.