According to the analytical company Ampere Analysis, at the end of November, console sales of Alan Wake 2 reached 850 thousand copies.

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2

Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at the company, shared the figure on his social network X.

There is no information on how many copies of the game have been sold on PC, where the game is distributed exclusively on the Epic Games Store site.

If the Ampere Analysis figures are correct, then this is a good level by Remedy standards. For comparison, the combined sales of Control across all platforms for three years amounted to 3 million copies.

By the way, the remake of the cult Resident Evil 4, located in the same genre niche, sold a total of 5 million copies from March to July 2023.

According to another analytical company, Circana (formerly NPD Group), Alan Wake 2 did not enter the top 100 games on either Xbox or PlayStation in November in terms of the number of active players (it ranked 147 and 113 respectively).

Matt Piscatella, Executive Director and analyst at Circana, is not ready to call this level of activity low. However, he believes that the game could use a physical release (Alan Wake 2 was released exclusively in digital form) and more promotion (while its advertising budget, according to Finnish analysts, could amount to more than € 70 million).

Alan Wake 2 won three awards at The Game Awards 2023 — for Best Director, best narrative and best graphics. The Time magazine also named it the best game of 2023.

The game was developed by a team of 130 people over four years. It was released on October 27.