Developed by the Russian indie studio The Bratans, the game "Russ vs Lizards", according to calculations by the analytical service SteamDB, turned out to be one of the most highly rated games of the year. She took the 15th place in the chart.

Русы против ящеров

"Russ vs Lizards"

Its cumulative user rating based on 21 thousand ratings is 95.36%. It is slightly different from the one that the game has directly on Steam — 97%. The fact is that the service uses its own formula for calculating the rating.

Top of the most valuable games of the year from SteamDB

In the top 20 most highly rated Steam games, The Bratans studio's game is adjacent to such significant releases this year as Lethal Company, Resident Evil 4, DAVE THE DIVER, Baldur's Gate 3 and Hi-Fi RUSH.

Recall that "Russ vs Lizards" is an ironic budget third—person role-playing action game. It was created by a team of two people in six months in their free time. The project is based on a meme about the confrontation of ancient Rus with alien invaders, which became widely popular this spring.

It is believed that the authors of the channel "Professor Bagirov" started the spread of the meme. In March, videos began to appear on it describing the world of the past, in which Slavs fly on pterodactyls, dig the a river in Africa and convert dinosaurs to the "Russian faith".

Russ vs Lizards is far from the only game in the top whose authors have relied on humor. There are at least four other games in the top 20 that are notable for their ironic presentation: Papa's Freezeria Deluxe, Crab Champions, Pineapple on pizza and Pizza Tower.

At the beginning of December, "Russ vs Lizards", distributed on Steam at a price of 42 rubles, according to the developers, sold around 350-400 thousand copies. Most of them were in Russia.

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