A new game from Supercell is now available for download in mobile stores worldwide. It's called Squad Busters. This is an isometric battle royale game featuring heroes from other games by the Finnish company.

Squad Busters

The core mechanics of the new game work roughly as follows:

  • The player enters a large arena;
  • There are two types of resources in the arena — gold and emeralds;
  • Gold is spent on purchasing fighters in the arena (the more fighters, the stronger the squad; three identical fighters merge into one giant);
  • Emeralds are the main condition for victory; whoever collects the most wins;
  • Both resources are collected by killing creeps and destroying objects on the map (and also by knocking them out of other players' characters);
  • The squad's attacks and interactions happen automatically;
  • The player can only control movement, acceleration, and item activation.

Squad Busters

Squad Busters

The game is very dynamic. Matches last three minutes. The interface and many visual decisions are borrowed from Brawl Stars, Supercell's previous game.

The game was announced in January 2023. Since February last year, it has been actively "tested" in closed beta tests in Canada, Spain, and Mexico. The game officially entered soft launch on April 23, 2024. Almost immediately, the company announced that the game would not remain in soft launch for long, only for a month.

Most likely, Supercell has high expectations for Squad Busters. By May 14, the number of pre-registrations for the title had reached 30 million. Additionally, according to AppMagic, more than 5 million users downloaded the game during the month of soft launch, and its revenue amounted to $1.5 million.

Squad Busters revenue dynamics during the soft launch period