In 2022, Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker left the Rocksteady Studios they founded. Now it has become known that they have established another company. Like Rocksteady Studios, it is located in London.

Hill and Walker have not officially announced the launch of Hundred Star Games. Information about this was found by the Polygon portal in the Endole registry. According to it, the studio was registered in February 2023, and Hill and Walker took over the positions of directors.

Hundred Star Games is going to develop AAA games with a team of 100 people. For comparison, Rocksteady Studios now employs 250 people.

The Great Place to Work website states that there are currently 25 people working at Hundred Star Games. As Polygon suggests, some of them are former colleagues of Hill and Walker from Rocksteady Studios. Journalists noticed on LinkedIn that in recent months several leading developers have left Rocksteady Studios, who then joined the unannounced studio.

Recall that the founders of Rocksteady Studios did not explain why they quit their company. They did not disclose further plans either. It was only clear that Hill and Walker had no plans to leave the gaming industry.

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