Game designer Eric Covington believes that he was unfairly fired from Blizzard. He claims that the company did this after noticing the lines he wrote for the Greedy Goblin character from World of Warcraft, ridiculing the behavior of greedy corporations.

Among the lines Covington wrote were “no profit sharing,” “another record-breaking quarter,” “it’s time to go back to the office,” and “let’s call it a premium due to rising prices.” According to Covington, all these statements were quite consistent with the character of the character, but someone from Blizzard’s management took them personally and therefore decided to fire the developer.

Covington added that the company had not seen anything inappropriate in these phrases for a long time and even inserted them into commercials with the game. After Covington pointed out Blizzard’s hypocrisy, the videos were removed.


Eric Covington