Maxim Donskikh accused Igor Matsanyuk, chairman of the board of directors of Game Insight, of fraud. In a Facebook post* he wrote that four years ago Matsanyuk did not give him a “large” amount of money when he was dismissed from the company.

Donskikh admitted that this situation turned out to be painful, and it is still unpleasant for him to remember it.

“I am still a little ashamed of my naivety, with which I have long and hard tried to turn this ship in the other direction. It was worth spending those efforts on something more real,” added the former president of Game Insight.

Donskikh left the post of president of Game Insight in May 2019. Then he said that he decided to leave because his views on the future of the company diverged from the views of Matsanyuk and Anatoly Ropotov, the former CEO of Game Insight.

*Belongs to the Meta company banned in the Russian Federation.