Joe Tung — former executive producer of Destiny and Halo, and now the head of Theorycraft Games studio. During an interview with PC Gamer, he stated that the service model of games is "much more beneficial for developers and gamers" than the premium model with $60 price tags per game.

Supervive by Theorycraft Games

As Tung explained, service games allow developers to plan for the long term. With this approach, studios can gradually implement all promised features without having to cut content due to tight deadlines. Moreover, developers of service games do not have to chase high sales in the first few days after release.

Tung noted that many premium game developers have a story about a "fake" build, created specifically for events like E3. At such exhibitions, studios try to showcase all potential features of the game, even if some things only exist in that build because it's almost their only chance to engage with the audience and fully demonstrate the product. However, some of the showcased features may not make it into the final version of the game due to time constraints. Developers of service games do not have this problem.


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