The Interregional Inspectorate for the Largest Taxpayers No. 7 filed an application to the Arbitration Court against the actions of Denis Kachura, the bankruptcy trustee in the bankruptcy case of Game Insight in Russia. He allegedly included in the register with the employees of the Russian "daughter" of Game Insight, to whom she owed salaries and severance payments, more people than went to court.

The inspectorate writes that 259 people got into the register, and only 126 reached the court. According to the logic of the department, this means that only half of the developers want to receive money from the company.

In addition, the tax authorities note, Kachura attached to the bankruptcy case materials only summary tables compiled by him without employment contracts, time sheets and other primary documents. As a result, he distorted the information, so the data from his reports cannot be trusted.

The inspection statement says that formally, the amount of Game Insight's current debt to Russian employees is 54.8 million rubles. But she doubts that the company owes that much. According to the tax authorities, the amount should be much less.

In response, Kachura wrote a large post on social networks in which he denied the accusation. He stated that it makes no sense for him to "invent debts to employees." He will not get any benefit from this, given that his own salary does not depend on the size of the Game Insight debt.

Also, according to Kachura, the amount of debt from the inspection's complaint coincides with his data.

"Coincidentally, this debt is struggling with the data that the liquidator gave me, not to a penny, but to a sufficient extent, it is struggling with budget funds, with the data of the tax service itself in several regions, with the claims of employees satisfied by the courts (in claims, however, the amounts are usually slightly higher, because there all sorts of other compensations, fines, etc.) with the materials of the criminal case, etc.," Kachura said.