At the end of March, SEGA announced the sale of Relic Entertainment, and a week later, the studio underwent massive layoffs. According to producer Robyn Smale, Relic Entertainment has fired a total of 41 people.

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Relic Entertainment confirmed the layoffs in a post on LinkedIn. The studio wrote that it was forced to do so so that it could continue to work in the current market realities.

"The decision to resign was not an easy one, and it was made solely with the aim of providing Relic with the best chance of survival in an increasingly unstable industry," the studio explained.

These are the second large-scale layoffs at Relic Entertainment in the last year. In May 2023, the studio said goodbye to 121 employees as part of a restructuring.

Previously, its former parent company SEGA also carried out major layoffs. She fired 240 people from SEGA Europe, Hardlight and Creative Assembly.

According to the Game Industry Layoffs portal, more than 8.5 thousand people have lost their jobs in the gaming industry since the beginning of the year. For comparison, in the whole of 2023, gaming companies laid off 10,466 employees.

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