Halfbrick Studios has decided to abandon the fritupley model of game distribution. She launched the subscription service Halfbrick+, in which she will now post her projects.

The company's CEO, Shainiel Deo, told MobileGamer that Halfbrick Studios wanted to make premium games from the very beginning. Although she has worked on free projects, frituplay "just isn't in her DNA."

Despite the change in the financial model, all Halfbrick Studios games that have already been released will continue to be available in stores and will remain free. But Halfbrick+ subscribers will be able to play them without ads and not make in-game purchases.

According to Deo, the company is going to add new games to Halfbrick+ every month. Some of them will be at the softlonch stage. So far, only mobile games are available in the subscription, but in the future Halfbrick Studios plans to put titles for other platforms in it.

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