The Open Mobile Platform company believes that the Aurora operating system it has created may be suitable for a future Russian console. According to the developers, Aurora already has the necessary tools to support console games.

"We can add features to the OS that game authors need. Including on devices such as set-top boxes or consoles. [...] The development environment allows you to build applications for all hardware platforms on which the OS runs. Many engines are written in C/C++, which allows you to transfer such projects," said Pavel Eiges, CEO of the Open Mobile Platform, in a comment to the Izvestia newspaper.

During a conversation with Izvestia, the developers of Aurora launched their OS on the Steam Deck. There are no games in the video recorded by journalists, but you can look at the work from the console menu.

Eiges also added that enthusiasts have recently ported several dozen games to Aurora. Most of them are old popular titles, the sources of which are online.

In early April, the "Open Mobile Platform" showed that devices with Aurora can play games such as Heroes of Might and Magic III, GTA 3, Earthworm Jim and Fallout 2. At the same time, Fplus announced that it would financially support ten teams that port games to Aurora.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to consider organizing the production of game consoles in the country by mid-June 2024. This sparked a discussion in the industry. Some experts said that you should not count on the creation of PlayStation and Xbox-level consoles, but did not rule out the possibility of portable devices in the spirit of Steam Deck. Deputy Anton Gorelkin even suggested that VK could already create a console by connecting a joystick and VK Play to the smart column "Marusya".

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