Hatoful Boyfriend, the artist who invented the dating simulator with pigeons, Hato Moa (Hato Moa) claims that Epic Games has not paid her royalties from game sales for more than two years.

Moa published its claims on X (Twitter) last week. She recalled that Epic Games got the rights to Hatoful Boyfriend in the spring of 2021, when she bought Mediatonic studio. Soon the company removed the game from almost all platforms, leaving it only on Steam. Moa admitted that Hatoful Boyfriend's sales should have declined very much after that, but she doubts that Epic Games has not earned anything from the game over the years.

The artist wrote that she was not going to go to court. According to Moa, the result is not worth the money and time that she would have to spend. She added that it is much harder for Mediatonic developers now — the studio has recently been laid off.

Epic Games noticed the Moa thread and promised to look into the situation.

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