There is one less person in the Battlefield team. The network noticed that the creative director of the series, Craig Morrison, left the DICE studio in February 2024.

Battlefield 2042

According to his LinkedIn profile, Morrison now works for Swedish Blue Scarab Entertainment. There he also holds the position of creative director and is working on an as yet unannounced game.

Why Morrison quit DICE is unknown. It should be noted that reports of his departure appeared shortly after the news of the resignation of another head of the Battlefield series. In February, Marcus Lehto left the Ridgeline Games studio he founded, which under his leadership was engaged in new story content for Battlefield. The studio itself was then closed as part of a restructuring of its parent company Electronic Arts. According to Lehto, he left the studio voluntarily and now wants to take a break from game development.

Morrison joined DICE in August 2021, and in December 2022 became the creative director of the entire studio and the Battlefield series. Before DICE, he worked at Funcom for nine years and at Blizzard Entertainment for almost eight years. In particular, he was the chief designer of World of Warcraft for two years.

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