According to the documents published online, it can be concluded (assumption) that, in fact, Saber Interactive bought itself from the Embracer Group.

Matthew Karch

As Embracer Group announced today, Beacon Interactive has become the buyer of Saber Interactive. This is a company from Florida, which was officially registered on January 19 by Matthew Karch.

The company does not have a website yet. It is important not to confuse it with Beacon Interactive Systems from Massachusetts, which develops software for the US Department of Defense

Karch, as we wrote today in the news directly related to the deal, is mentioned in the Embracer Group press release as the co-founder of Saber Interactive and director of Beacon Interactive.

Equally important, according to his official LinkedIn profile, he has also been the president of Saber Interactive for the past 24 years.

Here Karch marks himself as the president of Saber Interactive

Karch joined the board of directors of Embracer Group in 2020 as CEO of Saber Interactive. He remained in this position until June 2023, and then resigned from his duties. After that, he received the position of interim Chief Operating Officer of Embracer Group, where he became one of the two top managers responsible for the restructuring of the holding.

At the time of writing, Karch, according to the Embracer Group website, was still listed as the holding's chief operating officer

In other words, the former CEO of Saber Interactive and part-time chief operating officer of Embracer Group in January of this year created a company that acquired Saber Interactive from its current owner Embracer Group.

The open question is whether he used his resources or attracted additional funds. There is no information about this in the public domain.

The deal has been discussed since the end of November 2023.

At the same time, according to the official statement of Embracer, Karch participated in the transaction only as a buyer. Other representatives of Saber Interactive management did not participate in the preparation of the proposal.

Moreover, it is noted that since receiving the offer, the operational management of Saber Interactive has been carried out by the remaining management, excluding Karch, who was previously associated with Embracer.