May 31 will be the last working day at Remedy Entertainment for the company's chief operating officer Christopher Schmitz. He will retire after five years of work.

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Schmitz's departure is part of the process of reorganizing Remedy's management team, which began in 2023. In an official statement, the company explained that it no longer needs an operating director. She will distribute Schmitz's responsibilities among other top managers.

Remedy thanked Schmitz for his contribution to her work and wished her success in her future endeavors. What he plans to do after leaving the company is not reported.

Schmitz is a veteran of the gaming industry. He has been working with games for over 30 years. Prior to Remedy, Schmitz worked for companies such as IO Interactive, Quantic Dream, Ghost Games and Ubisoft Blue Byte.

Remedy also announced the promotion of game director Mikael Kasurinen to the position of creative director.

Now the management team of Remedy looks like this:

  • Tero Virtala — CEO;
  • Markus Mäki — Product Director;
  • Sami Järvi — Creative Director;
  • Mikael Kasurinen — Creative Director;
  • Terhi Kauppi — Chief Financial Officer;
  • Johannes Paloheimo — Commercial Director;
  • Mika Vehkala is the Technical Director.

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