The head of Electronic Arts (EA), Andrew Wilson, has increased his annual salary. According to the publisher’s report, for the fiscal year 2023, which ended on March 31, 2023, he earned almost a million dollars more than a year earlier.

Wilson’s salary increased from $19.85 million in fiscal 2022 to $20.66 million in fiscal 2023. This amount includes:

▪️salary — $1.3 million;
▪️share bonus — $16.72 million;
▪️remuneration for the growth of EA’s financial indicators — $2.45 million;
▪️other payments — $179.95 thousand.

It is worth noting that two years ago Wilson’s salary was significantly higher. It was $39.16 million. Such a high salary caused discontent among EA investors, who eventually called for reducing the size of the shareholder bonus.

Electronic Arts Report
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