KRAFTON has invested in the Polish studio Far From Home, known for cooperative survival on the Forever Skies airship. She announced the purchase of a minority stake.

Forever Skies

The exact amount of the share and its value are not disclosed.

Under the terms of the deal, Far From Home will retain independence and full creative control. The studio will spend the received investments on refining Forever Skies and creating the next game.

The CEO of Far From Home, Andrzej Blumenfeld, stated that his studio was not faced with the urgent need to raise financing. She could comfortably continue working thanks to the income from Forever Skies, but KRAFTON's support guarantees security in the long run.

Far From Home was founded in 2020 by former employees of another Polish company Techland. Survival Forever Skies is the studio's only game so far. The title was released on Steam early Access in June 2023 and has since sold over 160,000 copies. It is expected that during 2024 Forever Skies will reach a full release on PC and PlayStation 5.

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