The list of gaming companies that have stopped working is getting longer. Polish Black Eye Games has announced plans to close the studio in the coming months.

The main reason for the closure of Black Eye Games is financial problems. The developers explained that they do not have enough money for the development of MMORPG Gloria Victis.

“[Gloria Victis] has always been a niche game that is extremely difficult to develop without losing its identity. We needed more and more resources, and continuous work without rest for a long time eventually led to burnout. We can no longer maintain the game at the proper level,” Black Eye Games said in a statement.

Gloria Victis servers will be disabled on October 31.

Black Eye Games opened in 2012. In addition to Gloria Victis, she created the Siege Survival: Gloria Victis and the roguelike deckbuilder Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder.


Gloria Victis