Chinese fans of the mobile RPG Epic Seven raised $6 thousand for a truck that was supposed to drive around the office of the publisher Smilegate in South Korea for eight hours a day for a week. They wanted to put psychological pressure on the company and force it not to change the pumping system in the game.

It was assumed that a screen would be attached to the truck, on which a video message from disgruntled gamers would be broadcast.

The idea of gamers turned out to be partly successful. Soon after it began to be massively written about on the web, Smilegate apologized to the audience and announced that it would not update the game. Prior to that, Smilegate planned to give Epic Seven users the opportunity to "combine" characters re—acquired through gacha and thereby enhance their abilities - there is a similar system in Genshin Impact. However, at first this function was supposed to work only with characters recently added to the game. According to gamers, because of this, the new characters would become stronger than the old ones.

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