FNTASTIC studio has announced that The Day Before survival will retain its name. She won a lawsuit over the trademark rights of the game with a Korean company that developed a calendar application called TheDayBefore.

"There is a saying: "Three things cannot be hidden for a long time: the sun, the moon and the truth," FNTASTIC wrote on X (former Twitter). "We returned the name The Day Before through the intellectual property court. We dedicate this victory to all our future players: it's all for them."

The Day Before page has already been restored on Steam. Immediately after that, survival once again topped the top of the most desired games on the platform, beating titles such as The Finals, Hades II, Manor Lords and Hollow Knight: Silksong.

The developers decided to postpone the release of The Day Before a little. Previously, the game was planned to be released on November 10, and now on December 7. FNTASTIC announced that The Day Before will be released in early access format, and the project will be finalized on the go.

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