Layoffs continue at Embracer Group's subsidiary studios. This time, the Argentine studio Nimble Giant Entertainment, which recently released the 4X strategy Star Trek: Infinite, has joined the growing list of "victims" of restructuring.

Star Trek: Infinite

This became known from the publications of dismissed employees on LinkedIn and X. The developers called the layoffs "massive", but did not say how many people lost their jobs. According to Kotaku, there could be about 30 of them. Judging by the accounts of those fired, the cuts took place at least in the team of game designers, whether they affected other departments is unclear.

Kotaku sources added that this is the third round of cuts at Nimble Giant Entertainment over the past year. It is not known how extensive the layoffs were in the previous two times, but according to the studio's LinkedIn page, since August 2023, the studio staff has decreased by 7%. Nimble Giant Entertainment currently employs more than 200 people.

Recall that the Embracer Group bought Nimble Giant Entertainment in 2020 for an unknown amount. At the same time, 12 more companies became part of the Swedish giant, among which were, for example, A Thinking Ape, Zen Studios and Flying Wild Hog.

The layoffs at Nimble Giant Entertainment took place just a few days after it became known about the layoffs at another "daughter" of Embracer Group, Eidos Montreal. As part of them, 97 people were left without work. In addition, the media reported that the Embracer Group canceled the new part of Deus Ex, which Eidos Montreal had been working on for two years.

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