Gaming companies continue to cut staff. Deck Nine Games studio, known for Life Is Strange: True Colors and The Expanse: A Telltale Series, has conducted mass layoffs for the second time in the last year.

Life Is Strange: True Colors

In a post on X, the studio wrote that it had parted with a fifth of its employees. She did not specify how many people it was. According to the estimates of the Game Industry Layoffs portal, there may be about 25 of them.

Deck Nine Games called the layoffs a consequence of "deteriorating market conditions in the gaming industry."

In a separate message, the game director of Deck Nine Games, Stefan Frost, said that the studio's management had cut their salaries to reduce the scale of layoffs.

The last time Deck Nine Games conducted layoffs was in May 2023. Then 30 people were cut, many of whom were team leaders. "The team leaders in my department were given swords. They chose to fall for them and quit, instead of choosing [employees to reduce] among the rest," Elizabeth Ballou, the studio's narrative designer, said last May.

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