Nintendo's lawyers drew attention to Garry's Mod sandbox. They demanded that content related to the intellectual property of the Japanese company be removed from the game.

Garry's Mod with characters from the Mario series

This was announced by Facepunch Studios, which developed Garry's Mod. She noted that cleaning will take time: the game was released more than 17 years ago, and to date, a lot of different content has been created for it. Users can help developers and speed up the process a bit if they delete their Nintendo-related content and don't re-download it.

"To be honest, it's quite fair. This is Nintendo's content, and it's up to her to decide what to allow and what not to allow. She doesn't want you to use it in Garry's Mod. This is her decision, and we have to respect it, so we will delete everything we can," Facepunch Studios said.

Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman wrote in X that Facepunch Studios is conducting its own investigation in parallel. He acknowledged that the studio should take DMCA complaints seriously, especially those sent by Nintendo, but at the same time should not allow abuse.

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