VK announced that the VK Play platform has turned one year old (although we remember that it is built on the basis of My.Games Store, which, in turn, is the heiress of the “Games” platform Mail.Ru “). In honor of this event, the holding shared statistics.

There are three main figures:

▫️number of registered accounts — 16.5 million;
▫️monthly active audience — 13 million;
▫️the number of streamers working with the platform is 20 thousand.

As far as can be understood from the press release, the company positions that it has achieved these figures in a year of work. “Over the past year, VK Play has grown from an ambitious project into a platform that millions of users choose every day,” said Vasily Maguryan, CEO of VK Play.

It was not previously reported how many accounts My.Games Store had. However, back in March 2022, information was published that the MAU of the My.Games platform is just 13 million people.


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