ROCKFISH Games has shared updated statistics on Everspace 2. She announced that the space shooter was launched by more than 1,111,111 Game Pass subscribers, and its sales on all platforms exceeded 400 thousand copies.

According to the studio, Everspace 2 consoles were bought "tens of thousands" of times, the rest of the sales fell on the PC. Recall that in May, she reported that only the Steam version of the game was purchased 300 thousand times at that time.

Everspace 2 performed better than its predecessor. For comparison: in the same period, sales of the first Everspace were three times less, and the number of people who played thanks to a Game Pass subscription was four times less.

Everspace 2 was released on April 6, 2023 on PC after a year of early access. Four months later, the game also appeared on the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

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