On May 21, 2024, Tencent released the mobile version of Dungeon & Fighter in China. According to Bloomberg, an hour after the release, Tencent temporarily shut down the game's servers for maintenance. This negatively impacted the company's stock.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile

At the time of this report, Tencent's stock price had dropped by 2.89% to 383.6 Hong Kong dollars (49.15 USD) per share.

Tencent informed Chinese players that it had to suspend access to Dungeon & Fighter Mobile due to server disruptions. The company did not provide further details, but Bloomberg speculates that the servers could not handle the large influx of users.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is one of the most anticipated mobile games in China. It was originally supposed to launch in China in 2020 but was delayed due to increased regulatory oversight of the gaming industry by Chinese authorities. As of August 2020, the game had over 60 million pre-registrations.