At the beginning of 2023, the Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment updated the logo, which caused dissatisfaction with the company Take-Two Interactive. The latter appealed to the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO) with a complaint that the new Remedy logo looks too much like the logo of her "daughter" Rockstar Games.

The logos of both studios feature a stylized letter R. Remedy has a dual one, Rockstar Games has a regular one, but with a star. According to Take-Two, all this can mislead the audience. Because of the similarity of the logos, people can confuse the studios.

The RespawnFirst portal, which studied part of the documents in the case, writes that at least as of September 2023, the proceedings between Take-Two and Remedy had not been completed.

Take-Two and Remedy have not publicly commented on the dispute over the logo.

Take-Two often makes claims against companies whose brands, in her opinion, overlap with those belonging to her. It is known that since 2020, she has filed more than a hundred complaints. For example, in 2021, she sent a complaint to the Hazelight studio, which wanted to register the name of the game It Takes Two as a trademark — Take-Two became the winner in the dispute.

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