The release of Squad Busters was the largest in Supercell's history, company representatives stated in an interview with GamesIndustry. In less than a week, the game garnered over 30 million downloads and is quickly on its way to becoming profitable.

Squad Busters

How much Squad Busters has earned has not been officially disclosed. According to data from AppMagic, the game's revenue from in-app purchases has exceeded $15.3 million.

Supercell noted that the company had very high expectations for Squad Busters. The release of their previous project, Brawl Stars, took place in 2018, and since then, Supercell has canceled six games that had reached soft launch. The company believes that Squad Busters has the potential to attract audiences of various ages and could also draw users to other Supercell games.

The company compares Squad Busters to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. and does not rule out that the game will develop in a similar direction. Currently, Squad Busters features characters only from other Supercell games, but in the future, it could include characters from third-party IPs.