The other day, the RovioCon Google 23 conference was held in Helsinki. One of the reports was read by a representative of Supercell. We share interesting facts from it.

  • The total MAU of Supercell products is 200 million people.
  • The main source of users for Clash of Clans is other users, 68% of players come to the game thanks to word of mouth.
  • App stores bring only 15% of users directly.
  • Partnership with It allowed to increase the DAU Clash Royale from 13 million to more than 14 million people.
  • Today, the head of marketing at Supercell defines his task and the task of the team as follows: "To make our games fucking famous, part of pop culture."

By the way, about the speaker. Iwo Zakowski has been the head of marketing at Supercell for the last six months. Previously, he was responsible for the promotion of the Burger King brand for more than six years and led the promotion of Danon in Northern Europe for more than ten years.

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