The South Korean company Com2uS is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Summoners War: Sky Arena, which was globally released in June 2014. In honor of the celebration, the developers announced that the MMORPG's revenue has exceeded $3 billion.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

According to a press release from Com2uS, this revenue figure pertains only to the mobile version of Summoners War: Sky Arena. However, the game is also available on PC, having launched on Steam in January 2024.

The revenue growth trend for Summoners War: Sky Arena is as follows:

More than 90% of the $3 billion revenue from Summoners War: Sky Arena was earned outside South Korea. Asia is the largest region in terms of revenue, accounting for 33.9% of the total sum, excluding South Korea. North and South America combined took second place with a share of 32.2%. Europe's share stood at 21.6%.