The American Entertainment Software Association decided to find out what motivates people to play video games. To do this, she, in cooperation with gaming associations from other regions, interviewed 12.8 thousand gamers from 12 countries.

69% of gamers surveyed said that they play out of a desire to have fun. 63% of respondents want to pass the time with games, 58% want to relieve stress, 36% want to keep their wits sharp.

64% of gamers also said that for them games are an outlet from everyday affairs.

▫️63% of gamers games help to feel happier.

67% of respondents said that thanks to games, you can make new acquaintances. 46% of gamers of the game help to stay in touch with friends and family.

At the same time, 87% of gamers most often play alone.

The majority of gamers agree that games develop creativity (73%), problem-solving skills (69%), cognitive abilities (69%), teamwork skills (69%), adaptability (65%), language skills (57%) and much more.

A source:

Entertainment Software Association