The IATSE trade union, which unites representatives of the entertainment industry, conducted a survey among game developers. According to its results, it turned out that over the past two years, 50% of respondents had to recycle at least once.

The majority of the surveyed developers on average work the standard 40 hours a week. 25% work more than 41 hours. The longest working week indicated in the responses is 95 hours.

▪️52.1% of developers perform tasks that go beyond their job responsibilities.

35.2% of developers believe that their salary corresponds to the standard of living. 42.5% said that wages are growing more slowly than daily expenses.

▪️26.4% of developers receive hourly pay.

▪️42.9% of developers are confident that they will work in the gaming industry for a long time. 37.9% believe that over time they will have to change their field of activity.

Most of the surveyed developers have been engaged in games for only two years. The median length of service was 5 years.

IATSE did not indicate how many people took part in the survey. It is also unclear from the study which developers from which countries answered the questions. Given that IATSE operates in the United States and Canada, most likely, they were residents of North America.