Recently, the Kazakh authorities announced that from July 1, local organizations will be able to officially switch to a four-day working week. Gaming companies around the world are also actively changing the format to a “four-day”. Skillsearch recruitment agency found out from the developers what they think about such a work schedule.

▪️80% of the surveyed employees of gaming companies would not mind switching to a “four-day” in the future.

79% of respondents intend to “actively look for” a studio where they can work four days a week.

▪️7% of respondents already work in companies that have switched to a four-day working week.

86% of respondents believe that the transition to a “four-day period” is able to raise the morale of employees. According to 59.8% of respondents, it can also increase productivity.

The Skillsearch survey involved 2,338 people, most of whom live in the UK and Western European countries.