On the night of September 1, Starfield became available to owners of the premium edition of the game. She turned out to be extremely popular. Two hours after the opening of early access, more than 234 thousand Steam users were playing the Bethesda novelty at the same time.

This was enough for the space RPG to take fourth place in the list of the most popular games on Steam, released in 2023.

Now the top 5 looks like this (according to SteamDB):

▪️Hogwarts Legacy — 879,308 people;
▪️Baldur’s Gate 3 — 875,343 people;
▪️Sons Of The Forest — 414,257 people;
▪️Starfield — 234,502 people;
▪️Tale of Immortal* -184,171 people.

*Officially, Tale of Immortal was released in May 2023, but it took a peak online of 184 thousand people three years ago. If you exclude it from the rating, the fifth place will go to the remake of Resident Evil 4 with a peak of 168,191 people.

The full release of Starfield will take place on September 6 on PC and Xbox.