On February 26, Stardew Valley turned eight years old. On this occasion, the creator of the game Eric Barone announced 30 million copies sold and the imminent release of a large patch 1.6.

Stardew Valley

19 million copies of the game sold were on the PC version. It is not specified how sales were distributed among the other platforms. Recall that Stardew Valley is also available on mobile devices and PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.

In May 2022, the developer reported sales of 20 million copies of the game. Thus, over the past two years, Stardew Valley has been bought 10 million more times.

As for patch 1.6., its release on PC will take place on March 19, 2024. It will be released later on smartphones and consoles. The patch will add new content to Stardew Valley, another type of farm, support for eight-player multiplayer on PC and much more.

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