Sony has released a report for fiscal year 2022, which ended on March 31, 2023. We tell you how this period passed for the gaming division of the company.

Revenue of the gaming division increased by 33% to $26.89 billion. At the same time, its operating profit fell by 28% to $1.85 billion.

▪️Game sales brought in the most money — $12.6 billion. Revenue from console sales was $8.3 billion, and revenue from gaming services was $3.4 billion.

Over the year, Sony sold 19.1 million PS5 consoles (+72.7%). The company shipped 6.3 million of them in the fourth quarter (+215%), which is a quarterly record.

During the year Sony sold 264.2 million copies of games (-12.8%), and in the fourth quarter — 68 million copies of games (-3.5%).

Monthly active PlayStation audience grew by 2 million people to 108 million. The number of PS Plus subscribers has not changed over the year and amounted to 47.4 million people.

Sony Annual Report
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