The updated PS5 line will be 30% smaller than the current one, but the new consoles in it do not bear the name Slim.

Here's what's known about the updated PS5 lineup to date:

▫️it will not only be smaller, but also much lighter than the original series (by 18% and 24% depending on the console version);

▫️when buying a new PS5 Digital Edition, you can then buy a disk drive separately (in the USA they will ask for $79.99 for it, and in Europe — €119.99);

▫️both are equipped with a 1 TB drive;

▫️prices will remain at the same level with one exception — in the US, the price of the digital version of the console will increase by $50 ($499.99 and €549.99 for the version with a disk drive and $449.99 and €449.99 for the version without it);

▫️the console will go on sale in the USA in November;

▫️After the current PS5 is sold out, the new PS5 will be the only line available.

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