At the end of May, Sony announced that its gaming division is going to work more actively with cloud services. Kenichiro Yoshida, the head of the company, told the Financial Times in an interview that, despite such plans, PlayStation still considers cloud technologies “very complex”.

Yoshida called the cloud itself an “amazing” business model, but noted that when it comes to games, there are a lot of technical problems. One of the main ones is the long response time to the actions of gamers due to the slow Internet. Another serious problem is related to server support. According to Yoshida, cloud gaming servers are idle most of the day and it is financially unprofitable to support them at this time. At the same time, there are even too many gamers in the evening and at night, which is why the performance of games suffers.

PlayStation hopes to cope with these and other problems. In particular, she plans to use GT Sophy, an artificial intelligence from Gran Turismo capable of beating professional racers, in cloud gaming. She also intends to train AI at a time when users are almost not playing.


Financial Times