Saber Interactive announced that it will not resume sales of the off-road simulator SnowRunner in Russia. The company was unable to reach an agreement with its licensing partners.


As the company explained, under the terms of its agreements, it does not have the right to sell content with certain licensed vehicles in Russia. Because of this, not only the game itself, but also any add-ons containing such vehicles will not be sold in the country. Previously purchased content will remain accessible to players.

SnowRunner has not been officially sold in Russia since August 2023. During the winter, Saber Interactive mentioned plans to remove two contentious vehicles from the regional version of the game — the Ford CLT9000 and the Ford F750. It was assumed that replacing them with the AWMG TX-340 and the AWMG AC 1610 would bypass the restrictions and allow the game to be sold again. Apparently, this issue was not resolved. Besides Russia, the situation also affects Belarus and Ukraine.


Saber Interactive