Due to the problems in the economy, many companies have reduced their staff. According to the portal videogamelayoffs.com In 2023, 6,136 game developers lost their jobs.

Among the game—related companies, Unity laid off the most employees - 900 people. Epic Games fired a little less. At the end of September, she announced the reduction of 830 people. The third place in the anti-rating went to Amazon, which fired more than 500 people from the departments of Prime Gaming, Game Growth, Twitch and Amazon Games San Diego studio.

The worst month in 2023 was September, in which it became known about layoffs in 17 companies at once. The top 3 worst months also included May (15 companies) and June (14 companies).

The creators of the portal note that their figures are most likely greatly underestimated, and in reality there were more layoffs. The fact is that not all companies have disclosed the number of those fired. Also, esports organizations and companies engaged in blockchain games were not included in the statistics.

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