Consolidation in the mobile analytics market. Sensor Tower service has announced the acquisition of its key competitor — .

The amount and details of the transaction were not disclosed.

To purchase Sensor Tower, it was necessary to attract Bain Capital and Riverwood Capital, which provided loan financing. Paramark Ventures also invested in Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower calls the event "historic". It is noted that the deal:

  • It will allow the company to "continue to create and improve industry standards in the field of marketing analytics";
  • "significantly improve data accuracy, global reach and range of solutions";
  • It will bring the total number of Sensor Tower corporate clients to 2000;
  • In particular, it will add key players such as Microsoft and Bandai Namco to the pipeline.

The purchase will not affect the management of the Sensor Tower in any way. It will remain the same and will manage the combined company.

As for ordinary employees, the situation is less clear here. It is stipulated that some part of the staff it will go to the Sensor Tower. At the same time, the company has already started talking about the need to optimize the team and dismiss a number of specialists.

It is also unclear what the deal means directly for the services and their users. The press release only states that "infrastructure and client integration will take place."

Of the details worth paying attention to:

  • according to TechCrunch, annual revenue It is in the region of $ 100 million;
  • PrivCo in 2016 evaluated in the amount of 100 to 500 million dollars;
  • according to data from CrunchBase, In total, over its entire history, it has attracted around $ 157 million, and Sensor Tower — $ 46 million.

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