Bandai Namco Entertainment is pleased with the performance of Tekken 8. At the presentation for investors, the company announced that the game is selling better than expected.

Tekken 8

In terms of sales speed, Tekken 8 has overtaken its predecessor. If Tekken 8 reached the mark of 2 million copies sold in less than three weeks from the moment of release, then Tekken 7 took two months. As of December 2022, the circulation of Tekken 7 exceeded 10 million copies.

Tekken 8 has performed well in comparison with other successful fighting games. For example, Street Fighter 6 sold 2 million copies in a month, and sales of Mortal Kombat 1 reached 3 million copies in two months.

Tekken 8 was released on January 26 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. It immediately hit the top spot in the weekly chart of the best-selling games in the UK retail, dethroning Hogwarts Legacy from the top. According to journalist Christopher Dring from GamesIndustry, physical sales of Tekken 8 in the British market turned out to be twice as high as Street Fighter 6 at the time.

Critics have praised Tekken 8. On Metacritic, the game's rating is 89-92 points out of 100, depending on the platform.

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Takashi Mochizuki