The game Little Kitty, Big City about the adventures of a kitten in a big city has become another indie hit. The developers of Double Dagger Studio announced that it had crossed the milestone of 100,000 copies sold 48 hours after release.

Little Kitty, Big City

It is not known how sales were distributed between the platforms. Little Kitty, Big City is available on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It is also included in the Game Pass subscription, whose users can play Little Kitty, Big City for free, so the total audience of the title should be even larger.

According to SteamDB, 3,028 people played the Steam version of Little Kitty, Big City at the peak at the same time. The game has a "very positive rating", it has collected 94% of positive reviews.

Online Little Kitty, Big City on Steam

Little Kitty, Big City was released on May 9th. In it, the user controls a lost kitten who is looking for a way home, distracted by all sorts of pranks. The cat can climb roofs, communicate with other animals, bask in the sun, chase its own tail and collect hats. On Metacritic, the game has a score of 76-83 out of 100, depending on the platform.

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Little Kitty, Big City