Darkest Dungeon II is selling well. Tyler Sigman, design director of Red Hook Studios, in a conversation with game expert Simon Carless, shared updated figures on the game.

Sigman recalled that the official release of Darkest Dungeon II took place on May 8, 2023. Then the game first appeared on Steam, before that it had been in early access in the Epic Games Store (EGS) for a year and a half.

Over a year and a half of early access to EGS, the title has sold 300 thousand copies (as of April 2023). Steam users bought the same number of copies of Darkest Dungeon II in the first month since the release of the game. Sigman did not specify how many times in a month they bought the game in EGS.

Thus, now the total circulation of the title is at least 600 thousand copies.

▪️30% of Steam sales were in the USA. Next are China (18%), Germany (5%) and France (4%). Russia ranks eighth with 3% or 10 thousand copies sold;

▪️At the launch on Steam, Darkest Dungeon II had 600 thousand vishlist and 35 thousand subscribers;

Despite the commercial success, Red Hook Studios was ready for negative reviews from some fans. According to Sigman, Darkest Dungeon II is “not a game for everyone,” and the studio deliberately wanted to make it different from the first part. But over time, more and more players began to like the sequel.