Roblox reported for March 2023. Although the month was successful for the company, its investors were not very satisfied with the results.

▪️Roblox revenue increased by 15-20% compared to last year and amounted to $212-223 million.

▪️Receipts increased by 23-27% to $247-255 million.

▪️There are 26% more daily active users. Now there are 66.2 million of them.

The ABPDAU indicator (the amount of revenue per active user per day) was $3.73-3.85. Change in the range from -2% to +1%.

Roblox has not yet published a report for the first quarter, but it can be assumed that it earned approximately $639-656 million. This is 19-22% more than in 2022.

After the release of the report, Roblox shares fell by 12% to $ 40.21 apiece, and the company’s capitalization fell to $24.55 billion. Note that at its peak in November 2021, its capitalization exceeded $62 billion. Then Roblox was worth more than other gaming companies in the USA.