On August 10, 2022, the Singapore-based Habby company sent a mobile action bagel to the global release Survivor.io in the spirit of Vampire Survivors. Sensor Tower analysts estimated that since that moment, the project has earned more than $ 500 million from the IAP.


The main market for Survivor.io China became the country — it accounted for 24.2% of the game's box office. The second place was shared by the United States and South Korea with shares of 21.2% each.

The analysts did not say how many downloads they have Survivor.io . Instead, they indicated that the highest revenue per download (RPD) was Survivor.io In South Korea, it is $15.5. In China, the RPD was $9, in the United States — $ 4.9.

Earlier, Sensor Tower called Survivor.io the highest-grossing hybrid casual game by the end of 2023. She earned $182.3 million last year.

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Sensor Tower